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How an Experienced Georgia Social Security Disability Attorney Finds Opportunities to Prove your SSDI Case

In spite of the overwhelming number of claims received by the Social Security Administration (SSA) every day, they use a detailed review process to determine the validity of each claim based on a complex set of rules.  One of the major reasons for rejecting a claim is insufficient proof that a qualifying medical condition exists that prevents a claimant from working.  The SSA encourages claimants to seek assistance from an attorney when filing or appealing claims.  The experienced disability attorneys at Berry & Associates in Atlanta have helped over 2,000 people in Georgia obtain the benefits they deserve.

Medical resources and knowledge are essential for our Atlanta disability attorneys

A note from the doctor may be enough proof to explain a temporary illness-related absence from work, but proving the reason for a long-term or permanent inability to work requires extensive medical detail.  Each disability attorney in our Atlanta, Georgia firm has the familiarity with medical issues needed to identify how the SSA is likely to interpret the documentation provided in a claim.  We conduct our own review of the information, performing a multi-step analysis that involves the following:

  • Identifying any information that is likely to generate questions
  • Contacting your own doctors obtain answers for those questions
  • Sending claimants to additional medical experts when necessary to ensure the claim provides the solid evidence needed to prove disability as defined by the SSA.

Our Atlanta Social Security Disability attorneys use every opportunity to prove your case

Although the support of a Social Security disability attorney in Georgia typically adds 25 percent to the likelihood that your initial claim is approved by the SSA, the chances for rejection are still high.  But our attorneys know that an initial rejection is far from the end of your claim.  We carefully review the reason for claim rejection and aggressively continue to pursue acceptance through the process as follows:

  • Reconsideration.  We can submit additional explanatory information, or simply request that the claim be reconsidered if it appears the initial denial may be invalid.  While reconsiderations are rejected at a rate of about 90 percent, this first step is needed to move through the process.

  • Administrative hearing.  We then request a hearing before an SSA administrative law judge, which has a significant chance of claim approval—about 64 percent in 2004.

  • U.S. Federal District Court.  Even if all SSA-based options continue to result in a denied claim, it is possible to take the case from the SSA and litigate in federal court.  Although they are relatively rare, these cases achieve success at a rate of about a 50 percent.

Contact a skilled Social Security Disability attorney in Atlanta to review your case

The Atlanta Social Security disability attorneys at Berry & Associates have helped over 2,000 clients win Social Security Benefits.  Your initial consultation is free, and you pay no fee unless we win your case.  Contact us to discuss your disability benefit via email, or call us at 1-888-330-7874.