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Social Security Disability Law

The Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that claims for Social Security disability benefits are at an all-time high, with over 60 percent of first-time applications being denied.  Yet, these benefits can be life-changing for individuals with long-term illnesses or disabilities that prevent them from working.  While it is possible to apply for benefits yourself, even the SSA recommends that your chances increase with the help of an experienced Social Security disability attorney.

Addressing the details

The requirements for applying for disability benefits under the national Social Security laws are complicated.  You need to provide detailed proof of the following:

  • Disability:  Medical records must substantiate the fact that you have a disability that prevents you from working (or severely limits your earning ability) on a long-term or permanent basis.
  • Earnings:  If you are still able to work to some degree, your earnings must be less than $980 per month.
  • Work credits:  You must have worked and made Social Security contributions based on a schedule defined by Social Security law.

The SSA carefully examines every claim to determine whether an applicant is disabled based on his or her detailed definition and whether he or she can obtain relevant work.  Just one missed detail is likely to result in denial of a claim.

The Social Security disability attorneys at Berry & Associates have extensive experience in completing Social Security disability claim applications.  We work with you to collect the solid evidence needed to ensure the best chances for the success of your application.


The sheer volume of claims handled every day by the SSA is likely to result in denial of some claims that are well prepared and valid.  The Social Security disability lawyers at Berry & Associates know how to handle the appeals process and have the skills needed to present your case before an Administrative Law judge in an Appeals Council review.  We have the experience to take your case all the way to federal court, if needed.

Other Social Security benefits

In addition to the disability benefits administered and paid for by the SSA, older, blind, or disabled U.S. citizens with limited income and resources may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  These benefits are funded by federal tax revenues and do not represent Social Security income.  As such, SSI benefits do not carry work history and Social Security contribution requirements, although they still require detailed proof of each claim.

Every Social Security disability lawyer at Berry & Associates understands SSI requirements, can advise you if you qualify for an SSI disability claim, and can help you work toward a successful application.

Affordable support for your claim

While you may feel that this is a time when you cannot afford to retain an attorney, it is important to note that Berry & Associates operates on a contingency fee basis.  You do not pay any attorney fees until your case is successfully resolved.

Contact the Social Security Disability Lawyers at Berry & Associates via email or call us at 1-888-330-7874.