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Social Security Disability Attorneys Berry & Associates Client Testimonials

  • “On behalf of my family, I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Berry’s law firm in general, and you and Mr. Grossinger in particular, not only for the excellent job you did, but for the interest you took on my case, and specially for all the personal attention you gave me… calling me back and explaining every time I had a concern… and Mr. Grossinger by keeping us posted at all the time while we were waiting for the judge the day of the hearing and how well he explained the process to us. It is very comforting when you have a medical condition like mine that even though is there, many people do not understand the symptoms and process of it, and as I said, we not only counted with you as professionals, but we feel you go a step forward and give it a human touch, and we really appreciate that.”

    Maria S.

  • I haven’t had chance to thank you for your part in helping me get my benefits. It all went pretty much like you said it would and I’m glad it’s over. So, know how thankful I am for your efforts! I bought my first new pair of tennis shoes in 6 years and got a hair cut! I’m feeling human again. I will be sure to refer anyone I know to you in the future for any legal help they may be needing. Please thank Mr. Berry for me for taking my case on. I’m feeling quite a bit better about my immediate future.”

    -Jim C.

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